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      Clean workshop design and decoration rules

      Author: Shenzhen ZhongJian South Environment CO., LTDissuing time:2017-01-20 14:42:00Pageviews:3724smallinBig

      According to the requirements of the use of the plant, can be divided into many different types of species, different plant to adopt the way of decoration will be different, the more common are electronic factory, garment factory, machinery plant, chemical plant, clean workshop and so on, different types of room decor...

          Clean workshop design and decoration rules

          According to the requirements of the use of the plant, can be divided into many different types of species, different plant to adopt the way of decoration will be different, the more common are electronic factory, garment factory, machinery plant, chemical plant, clean workshop and so on, different types of room decoration factory is not the same way, the main is the use of the requirements are not the same, for clean room decoration, is to ensure the cleanliness of the plant.

          Usually the food factory, pharmaceutical plant of internal plant has a very high cleanliness requirements, but also a lot of argument in the description of the design. Clean room decoration design includes the installation of plate clean workshop design and layout, clean workshop lighting equipment installation, cleaning clean workshop, the construction method of ventilation air conditioning and cleaning clean workshop, clean room piping layout, installation requirements of clean plant natural gas pipeline, electronic clean workshop production monitoring room decoration requirements, technical standards and top blowing hot air curtain door requirements of cleanroom, cleanroom micro vibration control, clean air pipes and accessories technical standards and requirements of the wind pipe, clean workshop epoxy floor construction scheme.
          Shenzhen clean workshop wall decoration process, the wall and the ground should be done at the radius of 50 mm arc, in order to reduce dust accumulation and easy to clean. The transport corridor to hit the wall should be set at the anticollision railing, prevent vibration and dust off the decoration materials. The wall surface should be smooth, not dust, corrosion resistance, color harmony, to facilitate the identification of pollutants, interior wall coatings must use anti-static, anti mildew, avoid glare and brushing material cleaning and disinfection tolerance.
          In order to prevent the indoor and outdoor temperature and condensation, between different indoor cleanliness of the doors and windows of the room to seal the gap. The doors and windows should choose good weather, natural small deformation, making small error, good air tightness, the modeling should be simple, not easy dust, easy to clean, the door does not set the threshold. Clean room doors and windows should be made of metal or metal coated materials, shall not use wooden doors and windows, so as to avoid long-term moisture bacteria. The outer wall of the window should be smooth with the inner wall, the window is oblique or not to stay on the windowsill, and a double layer fixed window to reduce energy loss.
          Clean workshop ceiling decoration process, plant decoration tips and walls to smooth connection. The ceiling and air supply nozzle to reliable sealing. Ceiling installation after the completion of the lamp inspection, to ensure seamless. According to the requirements of the process, the general should be set up in the technical maintenance walkways, easy maintenance and replacement of the pipeline filter. Metope and ceiling dissection technology need to brush paint finishes. In order to ensure the cleanliness of the room, all the air supply pipes and lamps must be arranged in the technical layer. Now the majority of enterprises to use the sandwich panel sealed ceiling. Sandwich plate has light weight, high overall strength, good integrity, insulation and dust etc..
          Clean workshop floor decoration can achieve mirror decoration effect, seamless connection, oil and acid, alkali, salt chemical solvents. With anti-static, small dust, wear and impact resistance, but high cost. Most of the requirements on Gao Jie clarity, looks beautiful, clean, sterile electronics, medicine, blood products industry workshop floor. Epoxy self leveling floor of the service life of more than 1mm thickness can be used for more than 6 years. Above the ground floor cushion layer should be protected against the tide layer, concrete sub line should not be through the clean area. The ground is smooth, seamless, abrasion resistant and corrosion resistant, not easy to collect static electricity, easy to clean. Can be used in the design of cast-in-situ terrazzo floor, the stone diameter should be between 6-15mm. The separator shall be separated by copper strips, and shall not be made of glass. Now the epoxy self leveling floor, it is a kind of resin composite material floor. It is characterized by no solvent, non-toxic and tasteless, no seams, self leveling.
          All maintenance components of the clean workshop are completed in the factory according to the uniform modulus and series processing, which is suitable for mass production, stable quality and prompt delivery. Flexible, suitable for the installation of the new plant, but also suitable for the transformation of the old plant purification technology. Maintenance structure can also be combined with any combination of process requirements, easy disassembly. The need for auxiliary construction area is small, the requirements of the earth building decoration. The airflow organization is flexible and reasonable, which can meet the requirements of different working conditions and different cleanliness levels.
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