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      Technological innovation will lead the future development of clean room engineering market

      Author: Shenzhen ZhongJian South Environment CO., LTDissuing time:2017-02-21 18:26:00Pageviews:3677smallinBig

      When the global technology and industrial transformation of the critical period, with the downstream market for clean engineering and technical needs of the diversification of development, innovation will become the future development of clean technology \"new normal\", the industry only in the continuous optimization ...
        When the global technology and industrial transformation of the critical period, with the downstream market for clean engineering and technical needs of the diversification of development, innovation will become the future development of clean technology "new normal", the industry only in the continuous optimization of their own services, to provide more customers Efficient clean solution, to strengthen their own sense of technological innovation to ensure that the clean room engineering industry's own healthy development.

        Objectively speaking, clean room engineering enterprises and customers in close connection for the clean room engineering industry provides a basis for technological innovation. At present, many clean engineering enterprises in the customer side to send technical staff, customers involved in the process of transformation and other aspects of the work, and even participate in customer research and development projects, from a clean technical point of view for the professional advice and suggestions.

        From a technical point of view, clean room engineering companies not only with the downstream customers to form a close relationship of cooperation, and with its own technical strength, as well as integrated solutions to become its main business form, they also consciously with the upstream supply Business has formed a stable cooperative relations, and jointly promote the entire industry innovation and development. From the current industry development point of view, the upstream professional and technical needs of customers, clean room engineering enterprises and major downstream suppliers have formed a relatively close industry innovation chain, industrial innovation and development of the ecological has been initially formed.

        In terms of China's "13th Five-Year Plan", the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has developed aero-engine and gas turbine, deep sea space station, quantum communication and quantum computer, brain science and brain research, deep space exploration and spacecraft in-orbit service and maintenance system , The use of clean and efficient coal, the focus of new materials research and development and application of integrated information network, high-end CNC machine tools, deep sea exploration, nuclear medical imaging equipment, new energy vehicles and other nearly 100 technology as the "three five" These technologies and applications will be used to varying degrees to clean room related technologies. These are for the clean technology innovation application put forward new requirements, open up new market space.

        Clean room engineering industry is a demand-driven industry, the demand side of the continuous improvement of technical requirements for the clean room industry put forward more updated requirements to promote clean room industry technology innovation. As a supportive industry of modern technology, modern technology to micro-integration, integrated development of clean technology and the entire clean industry put forward more urgent requirements.

        The current semiconductor technology has entered the nano-level, flat panel display technology from the TFT to AMOLED and other new display technology direction, nano-new materials technology in all aspects of application, gene technology development and popularization, as well as aerospace technology, intelligent manufacturing technology Are all new requirements for clean technology. This rapid change in demand is also promoting the entire clean room engineering industry transformation and upgrading, as to promote China, so that the global clean industry to promote the power. While the demand for clean technology in the traditional sector has also increased, such as food production and distribution, medical pharmaceuticals, precision instruments, data centers, bioengineering centers, cosmetics production and other areas, but the growth rate maintained at a certain level, belonging to the traditional clean Room demand areas, its clean room technology requirements are relatively low.

        So the future clean room engineering industry will face the development of industry differentiation, do not rule out the formation of a number of high-end professional strong clean engineering company in a certain range of monopoly situation.

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