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    1. Hello, welcome to visit the official website of the construction in the South!


      Air pollution control and control technology experts

      Swept away the concern in the construction of the official Southern WeChat

      Service Hotline+86-755-26625932

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      Shenzhen Jianzhong Nanfang Environment Co., Ltd. specializes in purification equipment, clean room, clean engineering, clean engineering, air filters and other purification industry, the only standardization of system solutions. Welcome to join in the construction of the South family.

      Talent Philosophy :

      Talent is the flourishing of the enterprise, but also the nature of the competition between enterprises; an enterprise to develop, to become bigger and stronger, talent is fundamental. In the construction of the South know this truth, in recent years, the company attracted a large number of institutions and social work experience, a higher knowledge of the structure of professionals. To retain talent, the company provides a space for the development and realization of self-worth platform to create a good working environment and relaxed working atmosphere for the excellent staff provided a favorable treatment.

      People do their best to make the best use. In order to allow each employee to show their talents to maximize the realization of self-worth, the company's humane management, through the establishment of scientific and effective personnel mechanism, and create a positive environment for the growth of talent, is committed to providing every employee with a Fully display their talented arena, and through the continuous creation of personal development opportunities, so that all kinds of talent have access to success, to achieve self-worth of opportunities and arena. Which produced a great cohesion and centripetal force, not only inspired the staff's love and dedication, but also improve the staff's enthusiasm and efficiency.

      Help develop and share success. To improve the overall quality of staff, training - as the return of the staff the most generous benefits, has been endorsed by employees and positive response, which fully embodies the construction of the South vision of the strategic thinking. The company not only attaches importance to internal training, but also specially invited external professional training institutions to conduct a comprehensive system of professional staff a full range of effective teaching and training, which greatly enhance the overall quality of the team so that employees can play the greatest potential, And the common development of enterprises.

      Our culture of employment : 1, Zhiren use, for the government of the country. No virtue is talented, limited use; no German without talent, determined not to use!
      In the construction of the South is at the rapid development of the occasion, invite the purification industry experience you join, we will provide you with unlimited space for development and generous return!

      We are hiring : Marketing Director, Sales Manager, Engineering Manager, Design Director, HVAC Purifier, Purchasing Engineer.

      Apply to send your resume to our mailbox: zjnf@zjnf.cn Hotline: 0755-26620315 micro-signal: zjnf2003 E-mail: zjnf@zjnf.cn


      Sales Representative

      Sales Representative

      work description:
      1. Responsible for the direct sales of the company's products, open up the local market, to find new customers;
      2. To assist in regional promotional activities, and actively promote the company's products, the collection of local market information;
      3. To customer's quotation, the sales order and the contract signing and the tracking processing;
      4. Customer's simple technical support services;
      5. Collection of sales orders and contract reconciliation, collection and collection of overdue accounts;
      6. To accept the graduates.
      job requirements:

      Resume delivery


      Taobao operating customer service

      Taobao operating customer service

      work description:
      1. Responsible for the online product description information online order, on-line and maintenance
      2. Responsible for the promotion of selected products in the company's existing products, product promotion program strategy development, marketing program development and implementation of various activities through the planning, combined with a variety of Internet resources Taobao Mall flagship store in Taobao's popularity, Qi flow and popularity, the formation of sales
      3. Tracking the operating rules of the network platform, market environment and competitors, timely coordination and adjustment of network operations
      4. Familiar with the Taobao through train, Taobao and other propaganda tools, and good at summing up experience, in order to achieve sales performance decision-making
      5. Responsible for the design, discussion and implementation of promotional programs for each activity or brand
      job requirements:

      Resume delivery


      Filter Process Design Engineer

      Filter Process Design Engineer

      work description:
      job requirements:
      1. With a filter design and research experience of more than 2 years, open-minded, with a strong spirit of specialization.
      2. Solid professional knowledge, a strong sense of responsibility, with a positive and progressive professionalism. With a long-term work plan in a company
      3. Familiar with the application of air filter industry, the application of air filters, installation, development of a comprehensive understanding and palm
      4. Engage in research and development of new products, assist the marketing department to produce tender documents and provide technical support and solutions to customers.

      Resume delivery

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