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      Medium efficiency air filter
      •  Box type high efficiency air filter
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      • 箱式空氣過濾器1.jpg

      Box type high efficiency air filter

      Product Categories:Medium efficiency air filter

      Product number:

      product description: Box type high efficiency air filter

      Product Features:

      Online Hotline:400-6699-583


      Product Details

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      Product Introduction:

      The box type medium efficiency air filter is specially designed for the high efficiency filter section in the HVAC system, especially used in the pharmaceutical, hospital, semiconductor electronics, precision machinery, video, cosmetics and other industries, popular with European and American countries, and can replace the medium efficiency box. There is a diaphragm and medium efficiency bag filter.


      It adopts new type of superfine fiber non-woven fabric or glass fiber material, especially suitable for medium-level filtration of air-conditioning system; high efficiency, large air volume, low resistance, large dust holding capacity and firm structure; maximum temperature 80°C; humidity resistance 80%; galvanized Frame, aluminum alloy frame;

      Box type medium efficiency filter product features:

      1, high capacity dust

      2, the structure is solid

      3, low resistance

      4, four kinds of efficiency: colorimetric method 40~45%, 60~65%, 80~85%, 90~95%

      Structure description:

      Frame: Aluminum partition, the frame can provide flangeless, single flange, double flange, flange thickness is 20MM.

      Filter material: using ultra-fine glass fiber filter paper.

      Efficiency: F6, F7, F8, F9

      The box type medium efficiency filter has a solid structure, large dust holding capacity and large air volume, including F8 (light yellow, 90-95%), F7 (pink, 80-85%), F6 (green, 60-65%). F5 (white, 45-55%) and other efficiency options, the frame has aluminum frame, galvanized frame for selection. It is suitable for medium-level filtration in electronics, precision machinery, instrumentation, machinery, food and other industries and general air conditioning and ventilation systems.

      Application range: Suitable for pharmaceutical, Medical, food, semiconductor electronics, commercial buildings, precision machinery and other industries;

      order: Box type high efficiency air filter

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