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      Medium efficiency air filter
      • Plate type medium efficiency air filter
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      Plate type medium efficiency air filter

      Product Categories:Medium efficiency air filter

      Product number:

      product description:Plate type medium efficiency air filter

      Product Features:

      Online Hotline:400-6699-583


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      Product Name: Plate type medium efficiency air filter

      Product model: ZJNF(X)

      Product description: This filter is mainly used to remove gas, hair loss and smoke, and the removal of odor makes the room return air ratio increase, thus reducing the energy loss of heating and cooling. Activated carbon The carbon monoxide in the beach has a carbon monoxide content of more than 63%, and the filter can be used with the cabinets produced by most manufacturers.

      Product Features: It can catch 1-5um particle dust and various suspended materials. It adopts hot melt process, stable structure, reduces risk of leakage, large air volume, low resistance, high dust holding capacity and Can be used repeatedly for cleaning..

      Type: frameless and framed.

      Efficiency: 60% to 95% @1 to 5um (colorimetric method).

      Temperature and humidity requirements: use the highest temperature, humidity: 80 ° C, 80%.

      Plate type medium efficiency filter material: polyester fiber.

      Sealant: polyurethane glue.

      Frame: aluminum frame, galvanized frame.


      A, air conditioning system efficiency filter.

      B. Air filters for pharmaceutical, hospital, cosmetics, semiconductor electronics, precision machinery, food and other industries.

      C, spray paint air air efficiency filtration.

      order:Plate type medium efficiency air filter

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