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    1. Hello, welcome to visit the official website of the construction in the South!


      Air pollution control and control technology experts

      Swept away the concern in the construction of the official Southern WeChat

      Service Hotline+86-755-26625932

      Service Process
      ContactService Process job
      Service Philosophy

      Our company has always been implementing the "quality first, service first, the credibility of the first, the user
      First "purpose, give full play to our technological superiority, high-quality, high-speed,
      Safe and civilized to complete the construction task.

      1. In the equipment warranty period, our implementation of three bags of product quality, free repair or replacement, in the equipment
      During the service life, we will provide you with spare parts and consumable parts in time.

      2. After receiving the user failure notification, as soon as possible to reach the fault site and troubleshooting within 12 hours.
      In the warranty period to provide free home maintenance and technical support services to ensure long-term quality service, set
      Period to provide routine inspection and life-long maintenance services. Warranty for each time the warranty, maintenance warranty
      Maintenance of the project and equipment in the repair operation is completed, in writing to fill out the "warranty certificate"
      And the user signature to confirm the maintenance of qualified, the "warranty certificate" sent to the user maintenance department, maintenance
      mission completed.
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